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At RRF Bedford we believe as a community we should support each other in love and practical encouragement. All people from all age groups are important to the church and most importantly to God. 

As a church we are still growing and God is providing the direction and inspiration. Along side our outreach work we have some other interesting activites to help people grow spiritually and practically in understanding the Bible.

Sunday School

Every Sunday from around 12 - 1:30pm we run two classes. In each of these we run activities to engage children and young people in learning about Jesus and the Bible.

Class One - 

Age group is from 3 - 7 years old 

In this class children learn basic lessons from the Bible such as God loving us so much, that He promised never to leave us on our own.

Children also do other activities such as colouring in and simple puzzles to practically further their problem solving abilities whilst including Bible stories.

Class Two -

Age group is from 8 - 15 years old

This class is slightly more advanced where children are taught how to relate the scriptures to every day life as they grow and mature.

Saturday Prayer and Fasting

Every Saturday from 9:30am a group get together to pray and fast. The Bible teaches us the importance of prayer and fasting and the power that is within this act of faith to God. 

Inspired from God's word three church members run this ministry and we are seeing incredible results from it already.

It is an open forum for anyone to attend and pray collectively. We fast for the morning so that we are completely focused on God and really uplift our faith to request God to move on specific situations. As the Bible says certain things do not change without fasting and prayer.

We're really excited to see this part of our church continue to flourish and expand.

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